Is your body type negatively impacting your workouts?

Is your body type negatively impacting your workouts? Research shows 70% of people don’t reach their fitness goals because they’re unaware of what their body type is… and how it’s impacts when you’ll see results. This quiz solves that problem. Take our 30 second body-type quiz to find out what your body type is so you can play to it’s strengths to maximize your results in the shortest time possible.

the problem

how much is the wrong fitness advice costing you?

More confidence, elevating your appearance, clothes that fit, and being healthy is something you’re likely interested in. Spending hours in the gym, seeing no progress despite your efforts, and feeling overwhelmed on what steps to take next are likely not. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most people. And it’s largely due to them doing workouts that don’t match their body type. Take the quiz below to find out what your body type is and how to maximize your results in less time.

Do you know your body type?





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