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Losing weight can be difficult and confusing. With the 5-Minute Body Makeover you’ll get everything you need to lose weight starting this week in a 5 minute read.

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The desire to lose weight will be met with failure without the right strategy.

It’s true! 80% of people fail to either lose weight, or, will gain back the weight they’ve lost (plus more) within 6 months because they don’t have the right foundation or plan to help them reach their goal and sustain it. With the 5-Minute Body Makeover, you’ll get everything you need in the next 5 minutes to lose up to 10lbs in 30 days.

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Save time, money, and wasted energy with our 5-minute body makeover.

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Your 5-Minute Body Makeover Includes:

Macronutrient calculation so you know how much to eat.

How to determine how to breakdown macros into daily meals so you can ensure you eat for weight loss.

Approved food list so you know what to eat. This list is not exhaustive. If you want as long as the food is healthy and fits in 1 of the 3 macro categories you're fine.

7 day Shred. Workouts. 4 days on. 3 days off. Repeat these same workouts for the next 4 weeks.

Sample meal plan so you know ways to prepare your meals.

After 2 back surgeries I wound up at the heaviest I ever weighed. I started working out in the gym, but was lost and had no idea what I was doing. My weight loss became stagnant. I saw Foundations and decided to join. In 3 months I’ve lost 25lbs and my strength and endurance has increased significantly.

I have lost 20lbs and inches all over. I am mentally and physically happier with myself and I’m not the only one benefitting from this, my family is too!

I didn’t know TJ at all aside from mutual friends and seeing him at the gym doing his own workouts. I really liked his content on IG, and I felt that he had great understanding and knowledge of strength training and calisthenics. I teach yoga for a living, and was looking for someone to help create strategic workout plans to strengthen some imbalances I’ve accrued over the years as well as my glutes/legs, which have always been uncomfortable & challenging for me. TJ has exceeded my expectations by meticulously planning weekly workouts that increase in skill and difficulty. I can feel the foundation he has created from week 1, and I feel how we’re slowly building and layering each week to maintain a healthier approach of sustainability. Through all of this, I’ve been able to keep my flexibility. My cardio was pretty good when I started with him, yet he still manages to push me In that area as well. He’s got it down with cardiovascular, strength, and calisthenics. I basically told him I wanted to be a beast, and he’s definitely facilitating that. Right now, I’m on my 4th week of his workout plans. I meet with him once a week for a one-on-one, and I will say that for me, it’s pertinent. His attention to detail, support, and motivation is what I need when I’m mentally and emotionally taxed from teaching, and he sees all of what I can’t in terms of muscle activation. I love box jumps, but when I started with him I didn’t. I’m loving leg/glute days, and again… when I started with him, I didn’t. My lower back/si joint pain subsides during and after my workouts because the combination of exercises and way in which he has me perform them are so strategic that I feel the inhibited muscles start to fire up. It would take me 3X’s as long to create these workouts, and sometimes 3X’s as long just to do them alone if he weren’t there to guide and educate me for the first time. He was exactly what I was looking for and more. On top of all of this, his energy is always positive, supportive, and he has great character, genuine, kind, and humble. I recommend him to anyone and everyone. He’ll meet you where you’re at, allow you to feel comfortable in whatever state you show up in, and you’ll grow in both the mental and physical. I appreciate his passion and work ethic, and I’m SO happy with myself for reaching out to him.

Honestly, TJ is all of the above, the best trainer I’ve ever had. I’ve been attending for approx. 1 month and can dramatically see improvement to my endurance and muscle tone. TJ brings a personality and advice tailored to your level of fitness. I honestly look forward to my workout days, and it is because TJ goes above and beyond to make fitness fun. I highly recommend TJ to anyone seeking to improve their physique!

TJ is THE MAN! I’ve been in and out of the gym most of my life. He has a ton of knowledge on the right movements and diet for you goals. He’s super encouraging and helpful during your session. You’ll work hard and feel it but the session flies by because of the energy he brings to it.

TJ provides possibilities to expand your knowledge on a nice variety of exercises / movements and emphasizes form / technique to ensure safety throughout the session. It’s amazing the progress you can make with someone like him by your side helping you through every move. I would HIGHLY recommend.

TJ Gipson is the best trainer in Oklahoma City by far. He’s the best at helping you reach your goals and executing at workout regime to meet those goals you have. It’s also fun, motivating and a exciting experience working with him. You get what you pay for

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